Your bootcamp succeeds when your graduates do

The JobFit platform delivers transformative coaching experiences to drive career development, engagement, and outcomes at scale.

Coaching & Placement

Real outcomes mean real progress for your program.

Our all-in-one solution accelerates the desired outcomes results for your graduates and accelerates corporate partnership opportunities without having them feel like acts of charity.
Your graduates
Brooklyn Jones
2023 Winter
Software Engineering
3 interviews
Robert Fox
2022 Summer
Product Management
4 interviews
Elenor Pena
2023 Winter
2 interviews
Eleanor Pena started the application for Flywheel
Robert Fox was interviewed by Algolia
Brooklyn Jones was interviewed by Samsara
The Outcomes Acceleration Platform
Our first-of-its-kind platform uses world-class coaching and results-driven programming to get your gradates the jobs that they deserve and be ready for any challenge - today and tomorrow.

How we deploy coaching for your programs

Getting started is easy -- we remove the guesswork on ROI for your career coaches
by tracking measurable deliverables in your graduates' job search.

Your graduates get new tools to get the job.

We coach your graduates in framing how their skills can impact companies immediately, so hiring teams can see their value and hire them.

Workshops toward solutions

Job search strategy is not enough. We walk your graduates step-by-step in workshops on how to create solutions to specific problems at the companies they choose.

Solutions for hiring teams to get your graduates interviews

We work with you in getting those solutions to the desk of the hiring team so they get interviewed.

Invite companies to invest

We work with you in getting companies to co-host workshops for your graduates and mediate ways they can further sponsor your programs.

Connect your graduates to opportunities

And really give them coaching that
boosts your program's outcomes and corporate partnership initiatives.